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(September 10, 1941~May 20, 2002)



1996-2002 Vincent Astor Visiting Research Professor of Biology, New York University
1982-2002 Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, Harvard University
1973-2002 Professor of Geology, Harvard University and Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology, Museum of Comparative Zoology.
  Member of Committee of Professors, Dept. of Biology,
  Adjunct Member, Department of the History of Science
1971-1973 Associate Professor of Geology and Associate Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology, Harvard University
1967-1971 Assistant Professor of Geology and Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology, Harvard University
1967  Ph.D., Columbia University 
1966 (Summer) Instructor in Geology, Antioch College 
1963 B.A. in Geology, Antioch College

1999 Doctor of Science, Iona University, Yonkers, NY
Doctor of Science, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
1998 Doctor of Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
1997 Doctor of Environmental Science, Unity College, Maine
1995 Doctor of Science, Middlebury College
Doctor of Science
, University of Leicester, England
1994 Doctor of Science, Berea College
Doctor of Science, University of Glasgow, Scotland
1993 Doctor of Science, University of Maine
Doctor of Science, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Doctor of Humane Letters, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Doctor of Science, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
Doctor of Science, Queens College, City University of New York, NY
Doctor of Science, Leeds University, England


Doctor of Science, American University
Doctor of Science, Ripon College
Doctor of Science, University of Pennsylvania


Doctor of Science, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Doctor of Science, Clark University

1989 Doctor of Science, Duke University
Doctor of Humane Letters, Westfield State College

Doctor of Science, Pomona College
Doctor of Humane Letters, Bank Street College of Education
Doctor of Humanities, Northeastern University
Doctor of Science, Dickinson College

1987 Doctor of Science, Union College
Doctor of Humane Letters, Hofstra University
Doctor of Science, Rutgers University
Doctor of Science, Bates College
1986 Doctor of Humane Letters, New School for Social Research
Doctor of Science, Bard College
Doctor of Science, Kalamazoo College
Doctor of Science, State University of New York
Doctor of Science, Long Island University
1985 Doctor of Science, Williams College


Doctor of Science, Denison University
Doctor of Humane Letters, Colgate University
Doctor of Science, University of Maryland
Doctor of Humane Letters, Pace University
Doctor of Humane Letters, Suffolk University
1983 Doctor of Science, MacAlester College
Doctor of Laws, Antioch College
1982 Doctor of Humane Letters, Marlboro College
Doctor of Science, Bucknell University

1990 Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

Member, National Academy of Sciences
Associate, Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris


Honorary Foreign Fellow, European Union of Geosciences
Foreign Member, Linnaean Society of London


Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences


MacArthur Foundation Prize Fellowship (in first group of awardees)


Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

  American Academy of Arts & Sciences
American Society of Naturalists
History of Science Society
Linnean Society of London
Member of the Paleontological Society
National Academy of Sciences
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Sigma-Xi, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Society for American Baseball Research
Society for the Study of Evolution
Society for the Study of Sports History
Society of Systematic Zoology
The Paleontological Association (UK)

1994 Member, Board of Trustees, Rockefeller Foundation
1992-1994 Member, Commission on the Future, Smithsonian Institution
1992 Member of Board, British Museum (Natural History) International Foundation
1991-1993 Member of Board, SIPI
1990-1991 President, Society for the Study of Evolution
1989-1993 International Board of Advisors, Galerie de L'Evolution Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
1989-1991 Member, Space Exploration Council, NASA
1989 Member of Council, National Portrait Gallery

Life Trustee, Bermuda Biological Station  

1986-1991 Board of Editors, Science Magazine
1985-1986 President, Paleontological Society
1980-1992 Advisory Board, NOVA
1978-1981 Advisory Board, Children's Television Workshop
1979-1980 Vice President, and Acting President, American Society of Naturalists
1977-1980 Editorial Board, American Naturalist
1976-1979 Member, Board of Directors, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study
1976-1988 Member, Smithsonian Council (General Visiting Committee of the U.S.N.M.)
1976-1977 Committee on Council Affairs, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1975-1976 Vice President, Society for the Study of Evolution
1975-1977 Member of the Board of Syndics, Harvard University Press
1974-1976 Editorial Board, Paleobiology
1974-1976 Member of Council, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1973-1975 Counselor, Paleontological Society
1970-1972 Editorial Board, Systematic Zoology
1970-1972 Associate Editor, Evolution
1968-1970 Secretary-Treasurer, Harvard-Radcliffe Chapter, Society of the Sigma-Xi


Literary Awards

1994 St. Louis Libraries Literary Award, University of St.Louis.
1992 Golden Trilobite Award for excellence in paleontological writing, The Paleontological Society.
1991 Nominee and Finalist for Pulitzer Prize for Wonderful Life
Rhone-Poulenc Prize (Britain's leading award for science books) for Wonderful Life
Iglesias Prize (Leading Italian book award) for translation of Mismeasure of Man
1990 Forkosch Award, by th Council on Democratic Humanism for best book on a humanistic subject, for Wonderful Life
Phi Beta Kappa Book Award in Science for Wonderful Life
1987 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, H.D.Vursell Award for "recent writing in book form that merits recognition for the quality of its prose style."
1986 Creative Arts Award, Brandeis University, Citation in Non-Fiction
1983 Outstanding Book Award, American Educational Research Association for The Mismeasure of Man
Phi Beta Kappa Book Award in Science for Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes
1982 National Book Critics Circle Award, General Non-Fiction, for The Mismeasure of Man

National Book Award in Science for The Panda's Thumb

1980 National Magazine Award in Essays and Criticism for This View of Life

Academic Awards and Medals
1997 Distinguished Scientist Award, UCLA, CSEOL (Committee for the Study and Early Evolution of Life)
1993 State of Massachusetts, Commonwealth Award in Interpretive Science (first time given)
Lilly Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians, London
"Human Talk!" Lecturer, Muratec, Kyoto, Japan
J. P. McGovern Award and Medal in Science, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC
1992 Homer Smith Medal, New York University School of Medicine
Gold Medal for Service to Zoology, Linnaean Society of London
Distinguished Service Medal, Teachers College, Columbia University
UCLA Medal, University of California, Los Angeles
James T. Shea Award for excellence in geological writing, National Association of Geology Teachers
1991 Inaugural Lecture for Isaiah Berlin Annual Lectureship, Wolfson College, Oxford University
Distinguished Service Award, National Association of Biology Teachers
1990 Edinburgh Medal, City of Edinburgh, Scotland
Britannica Award & Gold Medal for dissemination of public knowledge
1989 Tanner Lectures, Stanford University
T.N. George Medal, University of Glasgow
Mike Mansfield Lecture, Tokyo (Inaugural Presentation)
Sue T. Friedman Medal (for History of Geology), Geological Society of London
Distinguished Service Award, American Institute of Professional Geologists
1988 History of Geology Award, Geological Society of America
1987 Anthropology in Media Award, American Anthropological Association
1986 Terry Lectures, Yale University
Distinguished Service Award, American Geological Institute
Glenn T. Seaborg Award for contribution to public interest in science, International Platform Association
In Praise of Reason Award, CSICOP
1985 Westinghouse Science Film Award (to Producers L. Harrar and B. Costa) for NOVA profile: "Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life" Annual Meetings, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1984 Distinguished Service Award, American Humanists Association
Tanner Lectures, Cambridge University
Silver Medal, Zoological Society of London
Meritorious Service Award, American Association of Systematics Collections
Bradford Washburn Award and Gold Medal, Museum of Science, Boston
Founders' Council Award of Merit, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science, Bard College
1983 J. Priestley Award and Medal, Dickinson College
Neil Miner Award for excellence in teaching, National Association of Geology Teachers
Humanist Laureate, Academy of Humanism
1982 Medal of Excellence, Columbia University
F.V. Haydn Medal, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
1981 Discover Magazine, Scientist of the Year
1975 Schuchert Award for excellence in paleontological research for a paleontologist under age 40.

1969-2002 Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation grants
1963-1967 National Science Foundation Fellow
Woodrow Wilson Fellow (Honorary)
Columbia University Fellow (Honorary)